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Posted on April 24, 2013


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We get asked this question quite frequently so felt we should address it. In short, by using technological advances and creative thinking we’ve employed an up-to-date business model that allows us to be more productive and to save money by keeping space and cost in our central office to a minimum. In doing this, we are of course then able to increase efficiency and pass these savings along to our clients.

Technology: Internet sites like West Law and Lexis-Nexis have helped to replace in-house libraries, saving office space and allowing smaller firms to compete with much larger firms much more cost-effectively. Laptops and cell phones have also, of course, had a dramatic effect on work space, commutes, and schedules. These technologies have made it seamless for attorneys to work off-site. They can telecommute, stopping by the office just to pick up, work on, and turn in assignments. If necessary, this flexibility also allows our attorneys to travel so they can easily meet our clients where it is most convenient for them. As you can see, taking advantage of all this technology allows for adaptability and substantial saving in overhead, which ultimately benefits our clients.

Business Model: The model we’ve adopted has been called the “advertising agency model.” Although also used by many tech companies and most realty companies, and relatively new for law firms, we’ve found it to be a great fit with the flow of our business and are proud to be one of the innovators in this area. This distinctive concept of office design allows a firm like ours to have numerous attorneys but with office space for only the central core of attorneys to work full-time on site.

Team Attorneys: Another divergence from the structure firms have adopted in the past is that our firm not only does not need to have suites of offices for all of its attorneys, but also chooses not to have all of the attorneys we regularly work with on staff. Instead, many are hired on a case by case basis, depending on their individual expertise. This ensures that we properly assign you the best associate and one with the most knowledge and experience for your particular needs (rather than throwing your case at the “attorney down the hall”). As you can see, due to the need for actual real estate greatly decreasing and for the most part losing its necessity, we changed our business model from that of a traditional law firm in order to be cost-efficient and to pass the savings on to who we are out to help in the first place- you, the business owner.

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