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How your Small Business can Survive and Succeed in Tough Economic Times

January 15, 2014


HOW YOUR SMALL BUSINESS CAN SURVIVE AND SUCCEED IN TOUGH ECONOMIC TIMES[1] I.        INTRODUCTION. We business owners are groomed and have a mental mind set to grow, to add, refine and prosper. Down-sizing, quitting something, letting people or things go is not part of our vocabulary. “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” That’s our […]

Getting the Deal Backwards

October 12, 2013


Business owners who are selling their business or persons looking to buy a business sometimes treat the legal services as an “add on,” a simple implementation to “document” the deal which the buyer and seller have already worked out between themselves. In this paradigm ‘the lawyer is but a necessary evil to be sure the […]

A Phoenix Housing Boom Forms, a Hint of U.S. Recovery

June 8, 2013

0 By Susan Berfield Bloomberg Businessweek Markets & Finance A Phoenix Housing Boom Forms, in Hint of U.S. Recovery By Susan Berfield on February 21, 2013 At the sales office for a new development southeast of Phoenix called Waters at Ocotillo, the PulteGroup (PHM) representative says she’s too busy to talk. It’s a Monday […]

Let Us Now Praise Opposing Counsel

May 14, 2013


LET US NOW PRAISE OPPOSING COUNSEL Law Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth, P.C. | By Donald W. Hudspeth, ESQ.           Let us now praise opposing counsel. The good they do can live after them.[1]         Roughly, seven out of ten cases the firm receives are in the conflict stage.  The client is being victimized by […]

Are You What You Sell?

December 11, 2012


Are You What You Sell? (Especially if you own a small business?) Law Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth, P.C. | By Donald W. Hudspeth, ESQ. I. Who Are You? (And, do you really want to know?) From the beginning of recorded time we (well, maybe not you and me personally but some of us) have […]

Where the Jobs will be in 2020

October 6, 2012


Urban areas with high demand for educated workers are the best bets for finding work. By Philip Moeller September 10, 2012 RSS Feed Print We know which kinds of jobs will be most plentiful over the next eight years until 2020. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that positions in healthcare and social […]

How the Internet is Destroying Small-Business Commerce and Legal Remedies – Destruction of Fair Business Practices

June 13, 2012


By Donald W. Hudspeth, Esq.             The Internet is destroying the enforceability of small business contracts.[1] Here are a few examples: Case 1: Painting Company and the BBB. A house painting company (“PaintCo”) bid on and signed a contract with a home owner to paint his house. The contract had a three day cancelation clause […]

Who Truly Speaks for Small Businesses?

June 5, 2012


FYI Only: Who Truly Speaks for Small Businesses? By John Stoehr – Reuters May 22, 2012 Everyone knows that small businesses hate President Obama’s historic healthcare reform law, right? At least that’s what the nation’s leading small-business advocacy group would have you believe. Joining 26 states, the National Federation of Independent Business challenged the law […]


January 14, 2012


A few quick pointers on how to use Google (or Bing or Yahoo, Firefox, etc) for legal information. Do’s: 1. Do: Use Google for a quick definition of terms. Be aware it is best to have a law degree and several years experience to fully understand the ramifications of the definition. 2. Do:  use Google […]


January 14, 2012


BIG CASES DON’T JUST HAPPEN TO BIG, BAD CLIENTS I.  Size Does Not matter. An understandable, but false, assumption of some potential law firm clients is that a small case will cost less than a big one. After all, if I buy a small coffee I expect to pay less than I would pay for […]


January 14, 2012


LEGAL EVENTS AND LEGAL DOCUMENTS             Over the years in my legal practice I have noticed that, much as I would wish, advise, and preach to the contrary, most of my business law clients come to the firm, not because they have recognized a need and seek to avoid or prevent some problem or event […]