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The Legal “Brick House” is like the 3 Little Pigs Story….If you don’t have a legal “brick house,” the first wolf that comes around may blow your house down.  Often, that wolf is inside your door.  For example if you don’t have….

 TEN COMMON MISTAKES THAT BUSINESS OWNERS MAKE –This came out at a lecture that I gave to my students at A.S.U.   These mistakes can be life altering events and these are mistakes that are made everyday….ALL 10 Common Mistakes that Business Owners Make:…

 Been there, Done that…Successfully.  Choose an Arizona business attorney that has BEEN IN BUSINESS.

What I Mean by the “Business of Our Firm is Business”

Supporting Arizona Small-Business Owners from a Arizona Small-Business Owner (1st Video)


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We offer over 25 years experience in business, business law, commercial litigation, corporate representation and business formation, including contracts, international business and intellectual property.

The Hudspeth Law Firm  –  866-696-2033

Business Law, Commercial Litigation & International Business Law

Business Law – Commercial Law – International Law – Litigation – Contracts – Intellectual Property – Copyrights – Alternative Dispute Resolution – Appellate Practice – Asset Protection – Commercial Real Estate – Construction Law – Corporate Law – Eminent Domain – Estate Planning – Franchises – Government Contracts – Health Care – International Trade – Internet Law – Landlord & Tenant – Leases & Leasing – Libel, Slander & Defamation – Media Law – Mergers & Acquisitions – Partnership Law – Real Estate – Securities Law – Technology & Science – Trademarks – White Collar Crime –  Wills & Trusts

Also on YouTube:  AZBUSLAW

“The Business of Our Firm is Business”

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